Advertising your new Liquid Wrap Business

   So now that you have sprayed a few cars and you have an interest in making money liquid wrapping let’s talk about advertising. We have ran a local shop since 2013 and have found a few things that worked and others that haven’t worked. You will need to get your name out there (obviously) and one of the best ways is car shows and car meets. This will allow people to meet you and put a face to your company/car. Wearing a shirt with your company logo and having your company info on your back window of your car helps too. Something simple and effective is key “50% less than wrap or paint” is always a good go to. This peaks peoples interest…. If it’s not a wrap and it’s not auto paint what could it be? And the calls start to come in.
    The first thing people think after starting a business is to have business cards made. Yes they look nice but really, when is the last time you bought something because you had a business card? Probably not too recently. Not for this line of business. So what do you do when someone wants your contact info? “Agh I don’t have any cards on me now but, I can text you our Facebook/Instagram/website (whatever you want). 904 area code?” and we have our phone out. By default, 9 time outta 10 people roll out their phone number. You have now gotten their contact number, they now have your link and will have no problem texting you since you opened that door. I immediately save their phone number in my phone such as “Chance Camaro (wants matte black). If you feel like things are super slow you can always text them later “hey it’s ____ from ____. Wanted to see if you had a chance to check out the link I sent ya? What color were you thinking?” (next end a text on a yes or no question). I always always always send them pictures of their car done in other colors I see other shops do. Example: “Hey Chance, a buddy of mine in Texas just spray this Camaro.” And that’s it. Most of the time it creates interest and you spraying their car is a thought again.
   Going to car shows/meets isn’t a forever thing and definitely isn’t the only way to advertise. Social Media plays a huge part. We personally don’t have a website for our shop. We only use FB and IG. This does a couple things, it shows our reviews, other likeminded people are here and displays our work. Even sharing other shops work (giving credit where credit is due) helps. The goal is to stay in front of people. Think about social media as a platform to advertise and a color portfolio. Next form of advertising is the good ole “hey man will you sponsor us? We go to a ton of car shows and will get you so much business.” We hear that all the time. Yes its effective and works much better if you have 3+ cars done like this. Long story short, our very first car we spray (business wise) was a Scion TC who said “do you have any sponsorships” and we told him “yes we do. Its 50% off and we tag your back window with our company info.” At this point we had two cars on the road with our company info. We became very close with the client (actually closest friends today) and touched base with him when a big car show came up. 5+ years later we have 15+ cars on the road with our company info on the back window. Imagine going to a car show with 10 plus cars sprayed and it has your company info on the back window. Yes you will take a minor hit on the front end however its daily advertising for you.
   Overall it’s a people business. Doing good work is key. Going to an event or having a potential client seeing your car (or sponsored car) looking rough is never a good sign. Do good work and you’ll get good work. What other tips have you found that work or don’t work? What other service(s) do you offer at your shop? Are you cross advertising? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to check out other blogs we have here. 

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