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So much going on, we felt it was a good idea to have one source/platform to update often on. 

7/1 - Right at the start of COVID-19, we were out of stock and started to see an increase in sales. That in turn added some extra pressure on Raail to manufacture and distribute faster. After making some adjustments we were brought to another issue. Raw material factories were either low staffed or shutdown all together. Still seeing these issues with that. Don't even get us started on outgoing boxes. We have seen an increase in missing packages and damage packages. I'm sure carriers (along with other business) are adjusting and this is in result of. But still. Everything does have a trickle down effect. 

Some changes to come. Raail is looking to make some changes with the current color system. Two actually. Colorapeel and some coreline colors. Colorapeel, will allow customers to get closer to OEM matches. Right now, we can do solid colors. No pearls/metallics. Yet. We will start to add that to the site, slowly. If you are interested in more info, send us a message. These "coreline" colors are going to be featured more than the RAL colors. We are looking to fade out the RAL line and focus on a better system. Slow changes but still. Some of these new coreline colors will be "Robin Egg" (a vibrant blue), "Stingray" and so on. Along with the current Raail colors like, Hendrix Purple, Heisenberg Blue and Key Lime

Raail AirWrap will have more of a satin sheen to it. No need to dance around it really, past few batches have been too matte. The goal is to have a beautiful satin finish. Cant be too glossy though, we need AirWrap to work effectively with turbine and compressor applications. Higher the gloss, the higher the chance of seeing imperfections. So keep an eye out for that. Early next week we are getting stocked up with this AirWrap. 

Raail Spherical..... might be a little too early however our goal is to fine tune the process more. Raail is spraying Spherical with a turbine. So far so good. More updates to come. We will also offer a turbine, hose and gun. Higher end unit however that will yield better results with Spherical/Gloss projects. As for HVLP, working on a suggested gun for that too. In time.

Last topic, shipping. The idea of offering free shipping on all order over $300 started to hurt more than help. Just being honest here. Between lost packages, damage packages and now an extra day on transit times.... we needed to make some changes. $15 flat rate shipping, with 4+ gallons. We have also upgraded our tracking program. This program will give us accurate shipping details. Along with customer view and updates. You can also sign up for text/FB tracking updates. Something which no matter how many times asked from the carrier, they couldn't provide. Moving on, customers will have access to this as well. Just need your order # and email. Track orders link here

Overall, super excited to see the new stuff coming out. Raail and DrPigment are working close to create a better process. That goes from a logistical standpoint, colors and products. Ever evolving.

Thank you 

Alan N. 

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