FREE Raail AirWrap Car/Truck Kit!!!

FREE Raail AirWrap Car/Truck Kit!!!

That's right you read that title correctly. Currently we have 3 US shipping hubs and that still doesn't seem like enough. Our goal is to ensure you have enough product on hand and our way of assisting is to offer you a FREE Raail AirWrap Car/Truck kit when you purchase 4 Car/Truck Kits. We want to end the days of "I need my stuff like yesterday! My customers car is here." Now this program is great if you restock your inventory. If you take that money saved and roll it over to the next order you're on the right track of a constant flow of product. 



How to qualify

You must purchase 4 Raail AirWrap Car/Truck kits, all in one transaction. 

Currently we are trying to setup an automatic price decrease or promo code however for the time being send us an email ( or send us a message for an even faster response. (bottom left)



Question: What if I get 2 Car Kits and 2 Truck kits, what will I get for free?

Answer: Your 5th (free) kit will be a car kit. 


Question: Do i need to be an installer for this program?

Answer: Nope, everyone can opt in for this promo.


Question: With the 5th FREE kit, do I need to pay shipping for it?

Answer: Currently yes. 


Question: Can I buy 4 Truck Kits and get the 5th FREE?

Answer: Yep yep. Your 5th FREE kit would be a Truck Kit. 


Question: Can I mix and match my kits? 

Answer: Yes. Here is an example. 

Car Kit 1: 1 Light Grey Primer & 2 Fast Red AirWrap

Car Kit 2: 1 Dark Grey Primer & 2 Jet Black AirWrap 

Car Kit 3: 1 Black Primer & 2 Clear AirWrap

Car Kit 4: 1 Black Primer & 2 Crazy Ex Colorshift AirWrap

Car Kit 5: (FREE) 1 Light Grey Primer & 2 White AirWrap

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