Grams per gallon????

Here we just wanted to see how a pearl changed with different amounts added per gallon. Let’s break it down a little more. Black Spherical Primer & Clear Spherical Midcoat + Bluevette Pearl. 3-4 pearl coats.

5g per gallon - Looks good if you want to have the base show more. Might take more coats but you’re able to adjust accordingly. Nice and steady pace. 

10g per gallon - Looks kinda blotchy but nothing that a coat or two couldn’t fill in more. Felt very safe when spraying.

15g per gallon - =Ok.... now we seeing some blue. Coverage is decent. Seems like a good fit for us. 

20g per gallon - This one we like the most. The coats we were spraying covered nice but not crazy fast. A good coverage pace.

25g per gallon - Looks really nice for 3-4 coats, might overdo it if more coats are needed to be applied for film thickness though. Especially if it was a white based pearl.

Overall, we don’t think there is a “wrong” amount however a couple factors do play in. Experience level for starters. If someone is new new, we don’t suggest starting with 25+ grams in a gallon. The biggest reason would be too fast of color coverage. Making striping very easy. 15g-20g was nice. It’s easier to add more color than take away. Last thing to consider is just personal preference.

Long story short, when spraying and you like the color... stop spraying. Also there is no cookie cutter to customization. 🙂

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