Not even through winter and already crazy......

2020... thing of the past. 2021 is starting off right. The new Raail AirWrap Cubes are a huge a hit it. So much so... we are sold out. Till this Friday 3/26. Raail manufacturing is pumping away (pun intended) 😅 nonstop right now. About a month sooner than the previous years. Thanks stimulus? Meat and potatoes - We are on back order or sold out (however you wanna look at it) of Raail AirWrap 1.4 (gallons and Cubes) and Spherical Clearcoat/Activator. Till this Friday. Pigments we are still shipping like normal. Just limited when it comes to Raail coatings right now.

Thank you so much for your business. Means a lot. Truly thankful and blessed. 


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