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So you're looking to change the color of your car, truck or van? We can help. It's not too difficult of a process. First thing is first... picking the right color.   A couple options to go with, lets break em down some.   

  • Raail
  • RAL 
  • DrPigment


Mixing tint + pearls is something Raail has been doing for many years now. Popular colors like Frozen Grey, Heisenburg Blue and Hendrix Purple. New colors coming out Jan 2021 from them. 


These colors are solid when sprayed. Best applied over a grey base most of the time. Great coverage! Checkout our blog on RAL colors here.

Products: Drop-ins, AirWrap and Spherical

DrPigment Colors 

We take pride into our colors. Always shooting for unique pigments. 

Solid Pearls - Best matched with the same color base. Such as Soft Teal pearl. Color matching it with a teal base like Seafoam Green helps with color coverage. Also a black base as well of course. 

Colorshift Pearls - These are great for the more of the unique side. Most are of our colorshift pigments are white in powder form. These can be tricky when it comes to application. Try adding a Color Booster when using these for a added effect and easier application (peelable coating only)

Megashift Pearls - Now these are the 'best for last' at its finest. These pearls have a strong shift to them. Bold colors like Red to Green (Mars Megashift) also some have 5 maybe even 6 colors within them like Mercury Megashift or Everything Megashift. Well worth it!!

Megashift Flakes - No texture when it comes to these flakes. Best applied over a black base. These flakes are truly one of a kind.  


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