Over Heating Turbine

I personally have a stage 5 Turbine and don't currently have an upgrade 220v outlet or upgrader breaker. I started to run into some issues with the turbine running very very very hot. After doing some basic trouble shooting (cleaning filters, adding more air flow and even switching the turbine to a direct outlet) I still had the issue. So I called the company and they told me to send it back and they would replace it. Thankfully. I thought my issues were solved.... Nope. After using the turbine for a full car the heat started to come back. So hot that I could not hold the 40ft turbine hose. So after going back to the source (Turbine filter cleaned, own outlet, more air flow and turbine on the ground) I have been able to really narrow the issue and now that I'm aware of it... it seems like common info. 

So far we have 7 shop lights, power drill, stage 5 turbine and exhaust fan all pulling power from one breaker. Multiple outlets however same amount of amps available. So we would spray the Raail AirWrap with ease. No issues that we saw. Wait a couple hours for the AirWrap to flash and then start to spray the 2k gloss. No issues for the first coat. I waited 10 min and then started with the second coat and thats when the issue occurred. The moment I turn the gun vertical I would get the crystallization effect. Only on the top surfaces. This is caused by too much heat to product flow. I'm sure we could always add more reducer to correct however I want to solve the overheating issue. I personally have seen 2 other shops with a stage 5 turbine have the same exact issue. When I first bought the turbine I decided to get the highest stage I could afford and thought "more is better"...nope. 

So here are a few solutions I would suggest.

1. Buy a stage 3 turbine. You will save money. ($330 vs $1000+) You can still spray 2k gloss and get it very smooth. 
2. If you want to keep your stage 5 turbine you can upgrade your breaker/power.
3. If you want to keep your stage 5 turbine but you done want to do the above you will need to allow the turbine to cool for 6+ hours. Even then its no guarantee it will not start to over heat again. 

Of course having a compressor is ideal however I am not ready for that job. Would love to hear more from someone who is in the electrical industry.  ​​

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