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So you are here because you either wanna add another service to your auto detail shop, tint shop, vinyl shop, paint and body shop. Or you could just want to add a side gig to your full time job. Not an issue there. Let's go over a few things. 


What/Who is Raail? 

Raail is a removable paint manufacturer for automotive applications. Actually they are the only US manufacture who makes and sells their product. Let's be honest here.... same concept as Plasti Dip, just no rubber feel and super smooth. Raail currently have 3 product lines. 

AirWrap: Great for beginners and professionals. Sprayed through a turbine (here) or a compressor. 200+ colors. Levels super smooth! Lower price point. Coming soon (Early 2020) matte, satin and glossy clear coat options. Currently not wet sand and buffable. Also not fuel resistant.

Spherical: Best to apply with a compressor. This is great for the installer who wants to offer their customers a little more higher end finish. Spherical ClearCoat is wet sand and buffable. Plus it is fuel resistant. 200+ color options as well. 

AHS: This coating was created for the busy shops. The shops that do 4+ cars a week and don't want to spend hours applying the base. You'll need a Raail AHS Sprayer. The AHS is too thick for turbine & compressor applications. We are working closely with Raail to create a better product for this series. Mid-2020. Contact us for more info about this if needed. 


What/Who is DrPigment? 

We have been an installer since 2013 and saw a need in the industry. Pearls and pigments displayed online with its true colors. We do not add filters or change the photo samples. Long story short, we applied a pearls from another company and kept seeing different colors online vs in person. We personally got tired of that. DrPigment.com was created. We later partnered with Raail and now handle the East Coast distribution for them. 


What all do I need to spray?

  • Indoor location/Garage
  • Turbine (Stage 3) or compressor (30 gallon or more)
  • Masking tape
  • Masking paper
  • Other small stuff to help the project at hand


What all do I need to become an installer? 

Now if you have never sprayed anything before we would suggest buying a gallon of Black AirWrap and testing on a hood or fender before jumping straight to a car. Always do a test panel with something you have never applied. (The customers car doesn't equal a test panel) After that, spray your own vehicle. We can assist through the entire process. Send us photos of your project. You can message them to us on Facebook, Instagram or email them to us at Drpigment@gmail.com We are looking for a few key things: vertical door orange peel, hood to see there is an stripes and window trim area. 


How much money can I make per project/install?

This is a tough one. Based on a few things: location, experience, color, vehicle size and finish. For us personally, we like to charge x3 the product cost. Lets walk through an example. BMW 3 series Sedan (Matte Black) will use about $350 in materials. I'm talking 1 Dark Grey Primer AirWrap, 2 Black AirWrap & 1 AirWrap ClearCoat (Matte). So about $350 in materials x 3 = $1,050 ($700 profit). This is just how we quote our projects. Start on the lower end and increase by a percentage over time. This way you can find your "sweet spot" in pricing while getting some good projects under your belt so to speak. If you start to notice more and more customers are not booking through you, lower your price some. Your business, your choice. 


How much time does it take to do an install?

Another tough one. Depending on the vehicle size and the customers needs, 2-3 hours masking/prep... give or take. Spraying a car, about a day or two. All based on the vehicle size, color and finish.


More questions? Send us a message. 

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