Raail Primer

Raail Primer

Seeing how Raail AirWrap Primer is brand new and new to this industry I wanted to go over some details. You’ll notice the gallon is much heavier than the gallons of AirWrap. Raail Primer has more than double the amount of solids than AirWrap. This will allow you to apply a super thick base rather quickly.

Compressor: 20-30 psi

Tip: 1.5-1.8

Turbine: 1.5-1.8 (stage 1 and above works fine)


How to spray Raail Primer


You’ll notice when pouring, the viscosity is different than AirWrap. Much thicker. You’ll need to open up your gun setting more than you would with AirWrap. A thicker product needs more room to flow out. Starting out the droplets are a little bigger than normal. This will level out more as you apply more coats. Raail has an anti-run agent in the Primer/AirWrap. So don’t be too afraid to really apply it on wet after your first few light coats. We have tested this with a stage 1 turbine + 1.5 tip size. No issues. DO NOT ADD NAPATHA. It will cause the Primer to web. In most cases you will not need to add anything. The Primer is ready to spray. New product means new learning process. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to message us. Wash with scent free dish soap prior. No need to use 


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