Raail Spherical!!

Raail Spherical!!

So with the launch of Raail Spherical we have been getting a ton of questions on spraying and what not. We plan on having a few videos coming out soon on how-to. 

With the launch of AirWrap ClearCoat coming out soon, we held off on taking such a huge chunk of time to update the site for Spherical. Which now looking back on it, probably wasn't the best move. We were adding unwanted pressure on Raail to complete the AirWrap ClearCoat line so we can do huge site update all at once to save money and time. 

With that being said, we would see orders come in for a gallon of Spherical Gloss and a AirWrap Car kit.... we would eat the cost on the product difference and ship Spherical instead. 

Well.... we unfortunately can no longer afford to ship Spherical when AirWrap is purchased. We are still working on the back end of the site for the big update however we need to find a quick solution. 

When you spray Spherical Gloss, a Spherical Base is required. To ensure adhesion, Spherical only. 

Solution (temporally) 

1. Find the color you are wanting.

2. Select Raail Single Gallons (Click Here)

3. Add the correct gallons to your cart. Add in the customer notes the Mid-Coat color you are wanting at checkout.


Example: Heisenburg Blue Car kit would look like this.

1 Black Spherical Primer

2 Heisenburg Blue Spherical Mid-Coat Tinted (please add the color you are wanting in the notes at checkout)

1 Spherical ClearCoat (gloss)


This isn't the best method however we are going to make it work for another couple weeks or so. Any questions please reach out to use via messenger or email.


Thank you,


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