Which Spray System Do I Need?

Let's try and answer this question. Like most things, there is a good, better and best. 


Good - Airless Sprayer - Wagner Pro 130 

Better - Turbine Sprayer - Earlex 6003 (Coming soon to our store) 

Best - 60+ Gallon Compressor 


Starting with the Airless Sprayer - this is a good system to start out with. Our lowest priced spray system offered currently. This spray system allows you to spray a vehicle in record time. We've been seeing about 1 gallon sprayed in one coat and taking about 11 minutes to apply. That's crazy fast. However it does come with some down falls. This sprayer (any airless sprayer) will push out a ton of product super fast. Lays crazy smooth however if have a tight work space like a home personal garage or shop, this will make it harder to get around. The hose for this unit is much like a pressure washer hose. Stiff and not the easiest to get around with. Tip: leave your hose our in the sun for a couple days to soften it some. We are working on getting a softer hose (50ft) and a swivel. The Wagner Pro 130 must be sprayed with Raail AHS 2.2. We have tried spraying Raail AirWrap 1.4 through the Wagner Pro 130 and the viscosity is not thick enough to be sprayed out so aggressively. Raail Spherical 3.2 base coat works better however not  as good as Raail AHS 2.2. 

FAQ for Wagner Pro 130

Q: Can I spray pearls with this unit? 

A: Not at the moment no, you can however mix pearls and drop-in tints together. This will yield you the best end result. Faster color coverage, no stripes (vs pearls only) and has a soft metallic effect. 


Q: How do I clean the sprayer? 

A: Super easy to clean actually. When the sprayer hopper is out of product, you'll hear the noise of the unit change and stay on. At this point there is still some product left in the hose line. We suggest adding about 1/2 a gallon of Mineral Spirits  




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