DrPigment Points

DrPigment Points

Turn purchases to points to redeem later for savings!

$1 spent in shipping = 1 DrPigment Point.


How DrPigment Points work
1. Create an account/Login (located on the bottom right of the screen)
2. After your purchase, the amount spent in shipping will equal the amount of DrPigment Points added to your account (Please allow 24 hours to update). $1 in shipping = 1 DrPigment Point.




How to redeem your DrPigment Points

1. After the points are added to your account, you can redeem for your next purchase or save them (No expiration!) Select the “All Rewards” message.

    2. Select “Buy” 

      3. Select the desired amount you’re looking to apply to your next purchase. “Buy”

        4. Copy the custom promo code. Don’t worry, we will email you the promo code as well. 
          5. At checkout paste the promo code and see the instant savings


          Question: Can I obtain DrPigment Points while using a promo code for a purchase?

          Answer: Currently, DrPigment Points will not be given if a promo code it used


          Question: Can I transfer DrPigment Points to another account.

          Answer: No. The points earned will stay with that login account. 


          Question: Can I gain DrPigment Points when I redeem Points?

          Answer: Currently, DrPigment Points can only be gained on purchases that don’t have a promo code added.


          Question: I just placed my order and I don’t see any point in my account. Why?

          Answer: Please allow 24 hours to update. Most of the time you will see them in your account pretty quickly. 


          Question: Can I redeem these points for cash?

          Answer: DrPigment Points have zero cash currency value.