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Raail AirWrap Car/Truck Kits:

Raail AirWrap is a spray on and peel off coating that allows you to change the color of your vehicle without any damage to the original paint. Raail AirWrap standard finish is satin however you are able to apply a matting agent to the last gallon or apply Spherical Gloss for a glossy finish. These kits are bundled to save you time & money. They will include the correct Primer gallon(s) and the selected colored gallons.


You’ll need

  • a turbine (stage 1 or above) or a 30+ gallon compressor.
  • Dish soap + water
  • Tape
  • Plastic (Tape N Drape)

Click here on how to prep & spray your car.

Q: Can I spray Raail AirWrap with a compressor?

A: Yes. 1.5-1.8 tip size at 25-35psi. 


Q: Can I spray Raail AirWrap with a stage one Turbine?

A: Yes, no issues there. AirWrap works great with stage one turbine and above.


Q: How many grams of pigment should I use?

A: Raail AirWrap pigment suspension is amazing. 25 grams on average per gallon of clear. 35 grams is the max. If more is used, it may cause what we call “pearl sag”.


Q: If my car paint is already the same color as the base do I really need to apply a Primer base?

A: YES! Spraying a base coat will ensure an even color coverage, help towards durability along with preventing any staining.


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