Custom Color - Drop-in Tint

Custom Color - Drop-in Tint

Custom Color - Drop-in Tint

Have a color in mind but don't see it on the site? We can help.... maybe.

Send us a message before placing an order. (bottom right of the screen) 

Step 1 - Submit 1-5 photos of the color you are wanting to us. Email or message.

Step 2 - After approval of color, purchase the correct amount of drop-in tints need for your project. Most cars will require 2 and anything bigger, 3+ Drop-in Tints.

Step 3 - Allow 2-3 business days for us to make the color. We will email over photos and videos to you for approval. 

Step 4 - After approval, we will ship out the color right away. 

Step 5 - Spray a test panel and confirm the customer likes the color before just spraying the entire car, unmasking and delivering the vehicle. Again with the safe than sorry. 

Step 6 - Spray and send us pictures/videos. We love to see the end results. 



Q: Can I purchase just one drop-in tint?

A: Of course however keep in mind this is a custom color. One that is made specifically for you. These have not been sprayed full scale. We will do our best to ensure plenty of color coverage however extra on hand is always suggested. Better to be safe than sorry. 


Q: Can you make custom colors of a Colorshift or Megashift?

A: Good question, send us a message and we can see what we can do. Super limited when it comes to shifts however we like a challenge. 


Q: Can you guarantee it will match my photo(s)/color requested? 

A: Negative on the guarantee however we will try our best to match it. Too many factors to consider. If the photo has been edited, your screen resolution display might be slightly different than our resolution display, if its matte, satin or glossy - finish plays a huge factor. How many coats were applied. However, we will try our best to match. 

Q: Can I use these tints with any removable coating? 

A: Yep yep. Most removable coatings are solvent based, no issues. Still not sure, send us a message. These tints will not work with automotive paint.


Q: Can you do OEM color match?

A: Not for this price. We can do OEM color match however it is a but more of a project. Send us a message if you're looking for an OEM match. 


Q: Where do these drop-in tints ship from? 

A: Currently they are shipping from us here in Jacksonville, FL. 


Q: Can you overnight or express ship them? 

A: Wish we could however DOT requires us to ship all paint and tints via ground. We are not able to ship air. 




Our pearls/flakes ship from us directly here in Jacksonville, FL. Typically same business day if not next business for sure. We do have UPS and USPS shipping options at checkout. Even as fast as next day.

Raail AirWrap and Spherical along with the Drop-in tints must ship UPS ground. Those products unfortunately can not ship next day or any faster than ground. Being hazmat paint and all. However we do ship from a few locations to ensure fast shipments. Orders typically will leave in the same fashion.. 1-2 business days on average.

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