Raail AirWrap Primer

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Raail AirWrap Primer

Raail AirWrap Primer is nothing like you’ve ever seen! This product is extremely thick. Allowing you to spray one gallon on an average size sedan and have two gallons of peel-able AirWrap on the panels. Perfect for turbine and compressor users. Click here for our blog on spraying Raail Primer.

  • Crazy Thick
  • Saving a ton of time
  • Amazing coverage
  • 1-2 medium coats and the rest wet
  • 1 Raail Primer Gallon = 2 Raail AirWrap Gallons  



Question: Can I use Raail AirWrap Primer as a base and use another brand coating over it? 

Answer: Yes. No issues when it comes to bonding with other coatings. (not gloss)


Question: Can I apply more than one gallon of Raail AirWrap Primer on the vehicle? 

Answer: Yes. You can indeed stack this product. Raail AirWrap Primer over Raail AirWrap Primer will only make the end result more durable and easier to peel.


Question: Can I spray Raail AirWrap Primer on the vehicle and not add Raail AirWrap over it?

Answer: Not suggested. A couple factors go in to play however Raail AirWrap Primer was designed as a base only. Adding Raail AirWrap over is suggested. 


Question: Can I spray with a basic turbine?

Answer: Yes. No issues. 


Questions: I have a compressor, what PSI and tip size works best?

Answer: Tip size 1.5-1.8 works best. PSI 18-20 


Question: How do I spray Raail AirWrap Primer?

Answer: After the vehicle is washed and prepped, apply 1-2 light coats and then you can apply using a medium coat method. Allowing the Primer to dry to the touch prior to the next coat. 10-15 min dry time depending on your temperature.  

You’ll need

  • a turbine (stage 1 or above) or a 30+ gallon compressor.
  • Dish soap + water
  • Tape
  • Plastic (Tape N Drape)

Click here on how to prep & spray your car.

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