Spherical Kit - Unique Violet

Spherical Kit - Unique Violet physical Raail
Spherical Kit - Unique Violet physical Raail Small
Spherical Kit - Unique Violet physical Raail Medium
Spherical Kit - Unique Violet physical Raail Large
Spherical Kit - Unique Violet physical Raail XL

Spherical Kit - Unique Violet

Raail Spherical Kits - Peel-able Automotive Paint

  • Compressor only application
  • Well lit work space is needed
  • Fast color coverage
  • Self-leveling properties
  • Spray on and peel off
  • Chemical resistant
  • Wet sand and buffable
  • High Gloss
Kits Include 

Spherical Kits Include

Clear Surfacer > Primer > Midcoat > Clear Surfacer > Clearcoat

Small: 1 Surfacer Gallon, 1 Spherical Primer Gallon, 2 Spherical Midcoat Gallons and 1 Clearcoat Gallon/Gloss 

Medium: 1 Surfacer Gallon, 2 Spherical Primer Gallon, 2 Spherical Midcoat Gallons and 1 Clearcoat Gallon/Gloss 

Large: 2 Surfacer Gallons, 2 Spherical Primer Gallon, 2 Spherical Midcoat Gallon and 1.5 Clearcoat Gallons 

XL: 2 Surfacer Gallons, 2 Spherical Primer Gallon, 3 Spherical Midcoat Gallons and 1.5 Clearcoat Gallons 


Getting ready to spray

We suggest doing a test panel prior to spraying full scale. This is to ensure your gun setting, speed and distance along with color are set. To read a more in depth how to, click here.

Apply 2-3 tack coats of Clear Surfacer on the surface.

Apply Primer coats as suggested per correct vehicle kit size. Suggested to use the entire gallon. 

Apply your Mid-Coat gallon. This may be Clear Gallons plus pearls and/or flakes. Also can be your Pre-Tinted gallon or using your own tints/dyes. 

*We personally like to scuff the surface with a 3m Grey Scuff pad. Wet application. More information here.

Allow 1.5-2.0 hours to dry 

Mix your Spherical Clear-Coat 1:1 (by volume) 1 Part Activator and 1 Part Clear. Apply one coat, wait 10-15 minutes and apply your second/final coat. 

Allow the coating to dry overnight.


Please review the in depth how. Will update with more detailed videos and how-to shortly.  

Which Kit?


Q: Can I spray Raail Spherical with a turbine?

A: The atomization needed for the Spherical just isn't there when it comes to turbine application. Better to use a compressor.  


Q: Do I need a paint booth? 

A: We do not require you to apply this coating in a paint booth however we do suggest having an controlled environment. The Clearcoat take hours to dry. Minimal traffic possible.  


Q: Do I need to apply the Surfacer?

A: Yes, we do suggest Surfacer for the beginning of the project.  2-3 tac coats first. This will allow the Primer to have something to grip on to along with helping to prevent fish eyes. Also we suggest using the remaining Surfacer as you "sealer coat". This would be your last coat applied before spraying the Clearcoat.  


Always do a test panel.

Our pearls/flakes ship from us directly here in Jacksonville, FL. Typically same business day if not next business for sure. We do have UPS and USPS shipping options at checkout. Even as fast as next day.

Raail AirWrap and Spherical along with the Drop-in tints must ship UPS ground. Those products unfortunately can not ship next day or any faster than ground. Being hazmat paint and all. However we do ship from a few locations to ensure fast shipments. Orders typically will leave in the same fashion.. 1-2 business days on average.

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