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With the summer months coming up soon, temps are about to rise and this brings up a few challenges. When spraying the goal is to apply your last coat or two wet. A nice sexy even wet coat. But spraying too wet can leave you with what we call islands/blushing. Mainly on the top surfaces. The solvents within the coating are having a harder time flashing right and causes that blushing effect. Or… if you spray too light, you’ll be left with unwanted orange peel or dry sprays. Such a balance for sure.
AirWrap Reducer will solve this. The AirWrap Reducer will help the coating flow out the gun a little better to personal liking while slowing down the dry time to apply a nice even wet coat. Tip though when spraying with reducer, no need to apply as wet as you were in the past. Let the reducer do the work for you. This is a good product to have on hand. You don’t need much either.
· Add 5% to your hopper when spraying in hotter climates
· Add 15-20% to your hopper when spraying pearls
· Add 20-25% to your hopper when laying your final wet coat
Q: Why not just add the AirWrap Reducer in all the gallons so we don’t need to do this?
A: Good question – I asked Raail the same thing. Adding reducer will only lower the solid content within the coating in turn making it thinner. More coats would need to be applied then and aint nobody got time for that.
Q: Do I NEED AirWrap reducer when spraying?
A: No however much like when cooking and adding seasoning, it just makes it better. Adding 5% to your hopper all across the board will help with those hot days and avoid any webbing. Adding 15%-20% when spraying pearls will help it flow out your gun really nicely. I personally like to add some AirWrap reducer in a 6oz cup and mix my pearls in that way. I find it helps break down the pearls a little better than just dumping in to the AirWrap gallon and mixing that way. Lastly, adding 20-25% in your last coat or two helps with that blushing I was talking about.
Q: Can I just go buy Xylene, Mineral Spirits or Naphtha and do the same thing?
A: Yes, kinda however this isn’t just a straight solvent. AirWrap Reducer is a blend of solvents. Some available to the general public and other solvents that are not. Raail has taken the time to find that even sweet spot when it comes to a reducer. Not suggesting you to sniff the reducer however when you open the container, you’ll notice the smell isn’t your standard solvent odor. Also using straight mineral spirits in will cause the finish to dull/matte out when too much is added. As for Xylene, too much will still leave you with the islands/blushing effect since Xylene is a much slower drying solvent. The AirWrap Reducer is the perfect balance.
How do I add a percentage to my paint/AirWrap?
The easiest way to would be to purchase a gram scale. This part is gonna take some math. Take your empty paint hopper and tier it out to zero. Fill your paint hopper with Raail AirWrap and take note of the grams and add your % that way. Example. 500g of AirWrap + 15% = 575g total. You'll need to add 75g of reducer to your hopper. We will make a video of this and post it with the product page here shortly.
Offered in Quarts and Gallons. Best bang for your buck when ordering a gallon. Quarts cans have tripled in price since Covid.

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