Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

How many grams per gallon do I use?

Raail AirWrap: 25-35 grams per gallon.

Dipyourcar clear: 50 grams per gallon, 


How do I spray these pigments?

First you will need a solid/peel-able base. Once that is applied you can add the pearls into clear/gloss and spray from bumper to bumper. Full car lengths. If stopping at panel to panel you will start to see a buildup/pigment over load.


Can I add more or less grams per gallon then suggested?

Yes you can however, adding more than suggested grams per gallon may cause pigment sagging and loss of shine/gloss. While having too little of the suggested grams per gallon will take more coats to gain full coverage.


What base coat should I use?

For Solid pearls its always suggested to use a color matching base coat to gain the quickest coverage.

For ColorShift pearls its always suggested to use a black base for the most vibrant color change/chameleon effect.


What if my car OEM paint is already the same color as my base coat suggested, do I really need a base coat before I apply the pearls?

YES. Always have a solid base coat before applying our pearls. Failure to do so may result in the pigments imbedded in your OEM clear coat. (Staining)


Do you offer wholesale pricing for installer?

Yes we do. Please fill out this form here 


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