About Us

We love color. Anything unique really. Trying to break out of the normal. We of course have the popular colors however some can get crazy looking. Especially within our Megashift series

Our story... (worth a read)

We started within the industry back in 2013. Spraying a removable coating that we learned about from YouTube. Thought the peelable paint aspect was the coolest thing. Instantly fell in love with the industry as a whole. Plasti Dip my personal vehicle, in the apartment complex driveway I was living at. "Did you rob a bank?" was said to me 5 plus times that night. Fun.

Slowly found a small demand within my sphere of influence for spraying cars. Shortly after we opened a shop. Nice side hustle at the time. Started to learn Plasti Dip wasn't the first and only coating out there. Started to spray other brands. Learning different spraying techniques within each brand, color methods and so on. While still running a "dip shop" we had some frustration with the colors provided. So why not start a pearl business?

DrPigment logo pearls mica pigments for paint, plasti dip, Raail halo EFX

Started DrPigment.com in 2015. Offering pearls and stickers at the time. True story, out the trunk of my car.... because I wanted customers to have same day shipping while I was at my day job. There was no flood of customer orders where my trunk full was needed. Lol. Short lived to say the least. Knowing we were needing to add more to our product/service list than just cool mica pigments and some flakes. We started to reach out to some of these other removable coating brands that were out there. Some said they were going in a different direction at the time, others said it wouldn't be worth it for them for us to sell their paint. No worries, still eager to be in the industry more than an installer or pearl supplier we kept at it till....


We connected with Raail Removable Coatings. Flew out to their manufacturing facility and got to see more behind the scenes, some. Instantly loved the passion they had for the industry as a whole. The level for which they held the industry was painter like quality. Quickly after a close friendship/partnership was made. Been rocking and rollin since.


Since than we have added their product line-up along with adding more of our solid, Colorshift, flakes and Megashift pearls. Always looking to solve a genuine product demand within our current industry. Quickly learned these mica pearls are not just used for peelable auto paint but actual Automotive paint, resin, epoxy, nail polish, slime and art. You name it. 

That's our story