Want more rentals with your Turo?

✔️ Looking to standout in the Turo car rental crowd? 

✔️ Want to add some spice/flare to your car for more Turo rentals?

✔️ Protect your original paint while looking good

✔️ Cost less than 4 tires and an oil change combined 

With the car rental market ever growing and being so easy to get involved with, its always better to stand out along the crowd. Our spray on and peel off automotive paint can do just that. 

Application - Great for the do-it-yourselfer or taking it to a shop for install. 

DIY you'll need the following

  • Spraying location would need to be a well ventilated area. Garage space or paint booth is needed. Spraying outside in the open will not work in your favor. Good lighting and air flow. 
  • Spray system: This could be a 60+ gallon compressor (most don't have the electrical setup for this and that's ok) or a stage 3 turbine or an airless system. Checkout our post on which sprayer would work best for you here. 
  • 1-3 days. Depending on the vehicle size and experience. Time will vary.

Wanting to take it to shop for install:

Click here for a list of installers near you. Let them know you're from the Turo DrPigment Group. 


Picking the right color:

This is always the fun yet hard part. Just remember, it peels. Not a permeant color. Not locked in to this color forever. Go with a color that looks good on the car however keep in mind you want to stand out and appeal to the masses. 

Color options:


Frequently asked Questions

Question: How long does it last? 

Answer: Typically 2-3 years however this varies on the "abuse". Some AirWrap cars will last longer than and others... not so much.


Question: How do I take care of the paint/car after spraying? 

Answer: Normal car wash works great. Best to use a good liquid spray wax for after. This will help add some depth to your color while giving you a nice water beading effect. Hands down the best product we've seen for this is Osren Hydro Ceramic Shield. Worth checking out. 


Question: Can I change the color often? 

Answer: ummm yea! :) We are about every 5-8 weeks for us when it comes to a new color change. I mean... why not? 



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