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These Megashift Pigments have a chromatic colorshift shift to them. Very vibrant colors with unique shifts. In powder form, Everything Megashift is pink/purple. When applied over a black you'll see the most amount of shift this color has. 

Application suggestion

Raail/Liquid Wrap Coating - 25 grams per gallon
Standard Automotive Clears - 15 grams per quart

When spraying pearls, the more coats/pigments you add the more the pigment color will show. There is a breaking point on some pigments where over pigmentation can occur. The same goes for reverse, the fewer coats/pigments used the less pigment will show. Great for a soft pearl look as well. Average coats for removable coating 3-5 for coverage. 


These pigments can also be used with resin, slime, nail polish, eye shadow, paint along with other coatings. 



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