Full Tint Kit


Are you looking to make colors on the spot? No need to wait for shipping and whatnot. Having these 13 core line tints will allow you to make the RAL colors along with an ever growing RAAIL color list. 

All the math is already done in grams for you. Gram scale needed. When purchasing the Tint Kit, we will send you the Google Doc spreadsheet of all the RAL colors along with Raail colors. 

Color example: 120g TW + 84g PG = Raail Seafoam Green

These tints/dyes are great for any removeable coating. 

13 tints in total per Tint Kit 

Two size options- 8oz and 32oz 

TW - Titanium White
LB - Lamp Black
JB - Jet Black
PG - Phthalo Green
QV - Quinacridone Violet
MY - Med Yellow
OY - Organic Yellow
PB - Phthalo Blue
RO - Red Oxide
YO - Yellow Iron Oxide
QR - Quinacridone Red
UO - Uranium Orange
BU - Burn Umber

FAQ - 

Q: How many gallons will the 8oz Full tint kit make? 

A: About 20 gallons worth of colors.


Q: Can I mix my own colors? 

A: Of course. Please send us pics. We may even be able to add it as a new color. Send us a message. :) 


Q: Do you have a RAL fan deck to confirm these colors are made to match? 

A: Yep yep. Click here for the link. 

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