HS Gallons


HS Gallons

What is HS? 

Raail HS is a very thick removable coating that allows customers to apply one coat and have a peel-able base. One coat of HS is equal to 2-3 gallons of AirWrap on a vehicle.  


Can I use my turbine or compressor to spray HS?

Raail HS is thick, you need a very strong unit to apply correctly. We have tested it with a compressor/turbine and the webbing and texture becomes an issue. 


Is the HS system a good choice for me?

If you are applying 3+ Smalls a month, than yes it is. The amount of money and TIME saved is extreme. Just think, you’re able to apply “3 gallons” of peel-able product in 10 min with one single coat (zero texture when applied correctly). 


What all comes with the HS Sprayer?

Complete unit with gun, pump, hose, HS tip and 2 FREE gallons of HS (Black or Grey)  


Can I use another brands airless sprayer?

Not suggested. Every unit is taken apart and upgraded output motor for better atomization and distance. More durable internal construction. Also a full metal body spray gun and metal pump frame. Would hate to see someone buy one at a local hardware store, to only have it work a few times because of the lack of upgraded parts that are needed. The solvents will breakdown the standard seals if the upgrades are not complete. 


Can I spray Raail AirWrap from the HS Sprayer?

Yes you can. A different tip size is needed however yes. 


Can I just spray HS (One coat) on my Small and leave it like that?

We strongly suggest 3+ (one gallon on average) coats of Raail AirWrap over the HS base. 


Can I apply more than one coat of HS?

One coat is only needed. If you apply more than one you may see uneven flash times.