HS Gallons

HS Gallons - Raail

HS Gallons

HS Gallons

What is HS? 

Raail HS is a very thick removable coating that allows customers to apply one coat and have a peel-able base. One coat of HS is equal to 2-3 gallons of AirWrap on a vehicle.  


Can I use my turbine or compressor to spray HS?

Raail HS is thick, you need a very strong unit to apply correctly. We have tested it with a compressor/turbine and the webbing and texture becomes an issue. 


Is the HS system a good choice for me?

If you are applying 3+ Smalls a month, than yes it is. The amount of money and TIME saved is extreme. Just think, you’re able to apply “3 gallons” of peel-able product in 10 min with one single coat (zero texture when applied correctly). 


What all comes with the HS Sprayer?

Complete unit with gun, pump, hose, HS tip and 2 FREE gallons of HS (Black or Grey)  


Can I use another brands airless sprayer?

Not suggested. Every unit is taken apart and upgraded output motor for better atomization and distance. More durable internal construction. Also a full metal body spray gun and metal pump frame. Would hate to see someone buy one at a local hardware store, to only have it work a few times because of the lack of upgraded parts that are needed. The solvents will breakdown the standard seals if the upgrades are not complete. 


Can I spray Raail AirWrap from the HS Sprayer?

Yes you can. A different tip size is needed however yes. 


Can I just spray HS (One coat) on my Small and leave it like that?

We strongly suggest 3+ (one gallon on average) coats of Raail AirWrap over the HS base. 


Can I apply more than one coat of HS?

One coat is only needed. If you apply more than one you may see uneven flash times. 


Our pearls/flakes ship from us directly here in Jacksonville, FL. Typically same business day if not next business for sure. We do have UPS and USPS shipping options at checkout. Even as fast as next day.

Raail AirWrap and Spherical along with the Drop-in tints must ship UPS ground. Those products unfortunately can not ship next day or any faster than ground. Being hazmat paint and all. However we do ship from a few locations to ensure fast shipments. Orders typically will leave in the same fashion.. 1-2 business days on average.

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