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OSREN’s NAO Leveler 56 is a unique abrasive that effectively removes orange peel and other heavy defects on paintwork.

Its ability to perform such level of cut originates from the combination of clear-coat softeners and nanomized aluminium oxides abrasive; riding off the conventional method of solely relying on aggressive abrasive to perform paint correction.

Safe on all types of paintwork and scratch-resistant clear-coat.

Features & Functions:

- Removes orange peel without imparting heavy defects
- A safer formulation to remove orange peel and heavy defects
- Eliminate acid rain etchings, deep swirls, scratches and oxidation
- Waterbased formulation
- Pair with Foam Disc 2000/3000 for paint levelling and Nano Blue Wool for heavy defects removal

Cut Level: 12/10

Gloss Level: 7/10

Available Sizes:

- 1kg


AirWrap Kit Size suggested

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