How we spray Raail AirWrap


First wash the car with scent free dish soap. This needs to be done 24-48 hours prior to spraying the car. If your car is 2+ years old we suggest clay baring the paint. You can find clay bar in any auto shop or Walmart ($13-$20). Doing this will ensure the surface is smooth prior to the Raail AirWrap application. 
Ok now your car is free of any dirt, oils and wax. Should be 100% dry by now. This is very very important. Water likes to sit in cracks and crevices and will only cause issues down the road (pun intended). Now comes the prep. We suggest 3m Blue painters tape, Green solvent resistant paper and Tape-n-Drape. All of this is located at most home improvement stores. Some installers like to leave a gap on the panel they are spraying and others like to mask the entire car. For us personally we like to mask the entire car. Example: if the window trim is chrome and you can either tape the entire trim or leave a gap, exposing 30%-40% of the trim and just peel the AirWrap later. After years of spraying cars we have found not all head lights are the same. Some are high quality plastic and others… not so much. It’s best to just mask the entire headlight vs peeling later and possibly have the solvents effect the plastic. I have yet to see any issues with taillights by the way. (still best to just mask off though)

Next, it’s time to start spraying. If you are using a turbine a 1.5 tip size works best. As for the gun setting turn it all the way down and turn up 8-10 clicks and start with your first coat. This coat should be a light tack coat. Once complete, allow 8-10 minutes to dry and now you can start working on your next coat. Prior to that turn your gun up two more clicks. Continue this process till you reach 25-30 clicks on your gun. 3-4 light tack coats to start with. This allows you to build up enough product and ensure you don’t get any “fish-eyes”. Let’s say you do have this issue, applying 2-3 very light coats over will cover. Nothing too major.
A nice guide to follow
Gallon one: Light Tack coats
Gallon two: Medium coats
Gallon three: Medium coats
Gallon four: Wet coats

A few quick tips
-Prep is key
-Take your time
-Allow the paint to flash/dry between coats. (10-15 minutes)
-No need to “heat up” your Raail AirWrap. Best kept room temp.
-Compressor: 15-20 PSI 1.5 tip size
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