Raail Basecoat (Primer)

Raail AirWrap Single Gallon physical Raail Clear AirWrap
Raail Basecoat (Primer)
Raail Basecoat (Primer)
Raail Basecoat (Primer)

Raail Basecoat (Primer)

​Raail Basecoat (Primer)

Product Description 

100% Peelable Auto Paint - Manufactured by Raail in Las Vegas, NV

Spray on and peel off later. Raail Basecoat is very user friendly when it comes to the application process. Best to use a compressor however turbine spray systems will work. Turbine and HVLP guns will work. The better the equipment the better the results. 

A great base for Raail AirWrap Topcoat and Raail Spherical Clearcoat (gloss) and Satin Clearcoat 

These Raail Basecoat gallons will level out really good when applied. The finish of the coating when dried will be super matte. Dry time is rather quick. On average 5-10 minutes. You'll know when its dry and ready for the next coat. Start with 2-3 light coats and then 2-3 medium coats. 

Primer Colors 

- Best used as a base for most pearls like our Colorshifts, Megashifts and some (not all) of our solid pearls

Light Grey - Best used as a base for all light colors such as White, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red and any other lighter color.

Dark Grey - Best used as a base for more of your darker colors such as Jet Black, Grey, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Army Green an so on.

If you have a question as to which color primer color to use, send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or our site chat.  



Question: Can I spray Raail Spherical Clearcoat or Satin Clearcoat over the Raail Basecoat Primer?

Answer: Yes you can. No issues there. We would suggest applying at least 4 gallons of Raail Basecoat down first before spraying Spherical Clearcoat (gloss) or Satin Clearcoat over it. Most installers will spray 2-3 Gallons of Raail Basecoat Primer then 2-3 Gallons of Raail Basecoat Color (Pearls or Drop-In's) and then 2 coats of Spherical Clearcoat or Satin Clearcoat.

Question: What is the finish of Raail Basecoat?

As a.... matter of fact... its supper matte. Lays very smooth - Dare I say, the smoothest!

Question: Was this called something else in the past? 

Answer: Yea, for sure. In the need to simplify the products and process Raail has decided to make some adjustments. Raail Spherical Basecoat was one name, 3.2 was another. Now its just called Raail Basecoat. 

Question: How do I spray this correctly?

Answer: Such a loaded question for sure. Of course, checkout our social medias for how-to content. Our YouTube channel has been growing and we are always putting out TikTok videos here and lastly, for more in-depth details, join our Facebook Group.

Always do a test panel prior to spraying the vehicle   

Step 1 - Clean the surface really well 24-48 hours prior - Clay bar/mitt if needed - Wash with water and dawn dish soap. This removes all wax and grease from the surface.

Step 2 - After drying for 24-48 hours, start the masking process. Cover everything you don't want sprayed. Using high quality prep helps. Checkout our Starter Bundles here. Always mask the headlight and taillights. Take note of any areas where the tape and body of the car touch. You'll need to either post cut with a razor or peel sharp. Final wipe down with water and denatured alcohol and a lint free towel/very nice micofiber towel 

Step 3 - Ensure your gun is clean prior to spraying - Most issues occur due to faulty equipment. No joke. Close your gun all the way were no fluid is coming out and open it 2-3 turns. This is a good starting point for spraying. Apply 2-3 very light coats of Raail Basecoat (Primer). Panel by panel passes are suggested. Allowing 5-10 minutes between coats to fully dry - You'll know when it dry - it will be super matte when dried

Compressor PSI: 20-25
Suggest tip size: 1.5-1.8 


Send us a message for more questions  

Our pearls/flakes ship from us directly here in Jacksonville, FL. Typically same business day if not next business for sure. We do have UPS and USPS shipping options at checkout. Even as fast as next day.

Raail AirWrap and Spherical along with the Drop-in tints must ship UPS ground. Those products unfortunately can not ship next day or any faster than ground. Being hazmat paint and all. However we do ship from a few locations to ensure fast shipments. Orders typically will leave in the same fashion.. 1-2 business days on average.

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